Zero movie review: Bauua Singh’s show all the way

Bollywood Review

Bauua Singh is a character that will remain etched in audience’s hearts and minds forever, with SRK delivering one-of-his-career-best performances, right up there with his work in Darr, Swades, CDI, Baazigar, KHKN, DDLJ, and MNIK.

Zero does have its ups and downs though — a thoroughly entertaining first half gets derailed to an extent by a topsy-turvy second half, made all the more prominent by more than a few plot contrivances and convenient occurrences in the script, especially in the last half hour revolving around a NASA-esque space project. The background score and songs, barring Mere Naam Tu, are also quite disappointing. Nevertheless, Bauua’s infectious screen presences, desi swag, rascal attitude, shameless dialogue-delivery style, several laugh-out-loud moments, and a handful of deeply emotional ones elevate Director Aanand L. Rai’s narration and Himanshu Sharma’s script whenever they falter or skirt the ludicrous.

King Khan also receives a generous helping hand from Katrina Kaif in hitherto her best performance (she’s come a long way and is a revelation) and Anushka Sharma, who once again leaves her mark opposite a superstar; this time doing so despite a half-baked part. Also, to be fair to Himanshu’s script, it does throw up a decent amount of scenes and lines that stick with you, due in no small part to how brilliantly Shah Rukh Khan delivers them, just as the situation demands (or even when it doesn’t, such is the mastery over his craft) be it amusing, adorable, selfish, shameless, incorrigible, insensitive, innocent, hilarious, or heartfelt.

Shah Rukh’s Bauua Singh keeps coming to the film’s rescue and is the glue that manages to make Zero whole.


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