“You were fantastic in the show”: Shefali Shah on her Delhi Crime co-actor Mridul Sharma


I played main culprit ‘Jai Singh’ in Delhi crime.
Jai Singh is changed name of Ram Singh.
Ram Singh’s main accused of Nirbhaya Rape case. Professionally he was a bus driver.

How was u approached for this role and how did u got it soon after coming Mumbai?

I had given intro in the MCCC (mukesh chhabra casting company).
I was called for audition
Based on my look for this character and so on, and then my selection was done.
Yes, there are so many actors in Mumbai who have long been waiting for some big character and with blessings of God.I was so fortunate that I soon got the opportunity to show my talent.

After watching the series, how do u feel about your work and also other leads?

This character was challenging for me. I had to play the character of a person who is not mentally normal. That’s an enemy of society. For me this was exactly the opposite type. In such a way, I had to make extra efforts to play this character. It was quite a burden for me but this character gave me the opportunity to show my training and acting ability and as I have come out of this character I am very satisfied and happy because the acting process that I have worked with is the audience and the critics Become the character of appreciation. Through this character, people have accepted me as a good actor.
I am very pleased with my work.
Among other main actors, Shefali Shah is one of the best actresses in the world. Rajesh Tilang and Rasika Duggal are very big and great actors and Sanjay Bishnoi has a lot of acting and he is also a very good actor.
Actually all actors working in Delhi crime are very skilled and they have done their job well.

Any public figure who appreciated you after watching it?

Yes, Ahana kumra gives special mentioned to me for this and Shefali shah appreciates me.
Rajesh tailang and Rasika duggal also very happy with my acting and My director Richie mehta is very happy with my work which is a huge achievement for me.
People have a very good response on Twitter and Facebook too.

How difficult it was for you to play that brutal role as a human being?

Of course it was a bit daunting and challenging for me. A person who has done the most horrific act in the world. Who is cruel, is a murderer. I got 15 days to prepare it. First of all, I worked on the mood of this character, First, I worked on the mood of this character, and then evaluated its emotional and physical motives with its video clip.
While correcting it, understanding of the character of these characters started coming up and I built this character on the basis of Imagination…

Tell us about ur future projects.

One of my feature films is released after next month. Apart from this, I am part of a film and web series.

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