When Shahid Kapoor surprised his friends


Anusha Sampath, who was seen in Kabir Singh playing Shahid Kapoor’s friend, had a great time shooting for the film. It was a dream come true for Anusha as she is also a huge fan of Shahid and getting her first bollywood opportunity with her favourite actor was nothing less then a dream for her.

Talking about her experience Anusha says, “I had a great time shooting for the film. Shahid is not only a brilliant actor but also a great human being. He was very patient and understanding with us even when we were doing our retakes as it helped us to improve our performance. My best moment was when Shahid suggested on taking a selfie with us on the last day of shoot.”

The whole team was trying to take a selfie when Shahid just came and asked the team if he could also join in and also volunteered to take some fun boomerangs with the team. The team couldn’t stop blushing post that.

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