When Salman Khan was really the innocent one, revealed on The Kapil Sharma Show


This weekend on Sony Entertainment Television’s comedy show The Kapil Sharma Show viewers will see the superstar of Bollywood industry, Salman Khan along with the beautiful and gorgeous looking Katrina Kaif grace the sets. Making a, ‘dhamakedaar’ entry, Salman Khan will be seen entering on a bike on his most popular song, ‘Slow Motion’. With so much spunk and energy, the weekend watch is definitely going to be an entertaining one.

While talking about everything from films to personal lives and incidents, Salman Khan revealed some interesting information about his dear father, Salim Khan, which also involved the Father (priest) of his school.

When Kapil asked Salman to talk about one interesting memory from his childhood, Salman who broke into a giggle narrated, “I was very mischievous since childhood. When I was in the 4th standard, my teacher made me stand outside the classroom. When my father Salim Khan was passing from my school, he saw me standing outside the class room and in frustration asked me what was I up to now? To which in fear, I told him that this time, even I didn’t know the reason.”

When Salim Khan probed the matter further and questioned the Father for Salman’s punishment it was revealed that Salman’s fees were overdue. However, when Salim Khan learned about the issue, he admitted to the Father that it was not Salman’s fault but his alone. So much that he requested the Father to send Salman back to the classroom as he was ready to stand out and continue the punishment.

An inquisitive Kapil Sharma then asked Salman if the Father of the school apologised to him to which he said, “Yes, the very next day when my father paid the fees, he apologised for his rude behaviour.”

Further in the show, Salman will make a cute revelation about his nephew, niece, grandson where he said that all of them have peed on him at one point or there other.

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