When Bollywood Rockstars Gave Us Nightmares


If we were to be honest, then Bollywood does have this annoying tendency of misrepresenting various professions on screen. From doctors to lawyers to painters to hackers every profession has been a victim of the lack of research by our filmmakers. But when that misrepresentation tips over to the world of musicians it can be quite surprising, what with music being such an intrinsic part of our films and all. Especially when it comes to portraying rockstars, Bollywood keeps getting it wrong for some strange reason. For every Ranbir Kapoor in Rockstar and Shahid Kapoor in Udta Punjab, there’s ten others who have no business going anywhere near a rock concert, leave alone perform at it.

From the comically exaggerated to the downright absurd here are five of the most hilarious representations of rockstars on the big screen.


Himesh Reshammiya in Karzzzz

Himesh Bhai’s nasal tones and brooding moans loomed large over every frame in this mutilation of the classic 1980 original. He shook, he shivered, he wailed, but the only thing he didn’t do was actually rock the stage.

Fardeen Khan in All the Best

A struggling rockstar who never actually plays much of anything in the film. We don’t know whether we should be confused with Fardeen’s lack of interest at actually strumming a guitar, or be thanking Rohit Shetty from sparing us the images of him strumming a guitar.

Bobby Deol in Shakalaka Boom Boom

Watching Bobby Deol doing anything is a task in itself. Watching him play a vengeful rockstar needs the inner strength of a hundred Greek Gods.

Upen Patel in Shakalaka Boom Boom

If watching Bobby the rockstar wasn’t traumatic enough, the makers also decided to throw in Upen Patel as a budding rocker. Were they high enough to actually think this was a good idea. And if they were, we’d love to get our hands on what they were smoking.


Dear, Bollywood, please don’t give us any more nightmares with such gross representations of rockstars.

Images Sources: T-Series. Shemaroo, Ajay Devgn FFilms, and Nadiadwala Grandson Entertainment

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