When Anushka Sharma made Rahul Dravid return her pen!


Anushka Sharma is quite the no nonsense actress. She does meaningful strong roles, does her job with utmost professionalism, maintains a dignified silence over trivial issues, and yet gives it back to the haters when the situation gets out of control.

Currently, Anushka Sharma is in news because of her relationship with cricketer Virat Kohli and rumours about their engagement. But apparently, Anushka’s connection with crickets dates back many years, and interestingly, she was not star struck even then!

Back in the day when autographs had not been replaced by selfies, Anushka had gone to see cricketer Rahul Dravid while he was shooting in Bangalore’s Chinnaswamy stadium. Recounting the incident in an interview with Zee News, Anushka said,

"When Rahul Dravid came for a shoot at Chinnaswamy Stadium, we went to see him. I took my brother’s book and pen and went up to Dravid for his autograph, since he was feeling shy. I was never star struck. Dravid took my pen and started signing other autographs too. After waiting for him to return my pen, I walked up to him and asked for it back.”

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Speaking on how her relationship with Virat was always in news, Anushka said,

“Sometimes I wish I was never a part of this industry that puts me in the spotlight. Dealing with Winners of 27 world series, they have got the wage bill to the hatred is tough.”

Hang in there Anushka, let the haters hate!

Image Credits - Dharma productions and The Sport Mirror