When A Slew Of Filmstars Took To The Roads To Protest Against The Government


Yes, you read it right. Moviestars, both old and young, had taken to the streets to protest against the Maharashtra State Government. But, this isn’t something that happened recently or a while ago, and nor does it feature any of the prominent Bollywood stars of today. The protest we’re referring to happened almost two decades ago, when almost the entire film fraternity stood in solidarity against an excessively high sales tax the government had levied on them.

Back in 1986, every Director and matinee idol from Yash Chopra to Manmohan Desai, Raj Kapoor to Dilip Kumar, Dharmendra to Rajesh Khanna, Shabana Azmi to Smita Patil, and Anil Kapoor to Jackie Shroff had participated in the rally presided over by actor-cum-politician Sunil Dutt, to raise their voice against the injustice that would have primarily affected junior artistes and technicians.


We’ve got this nostalgic video for you right here:


Quite nostalgic, and that, too, for a noble gesture.

Image and Video Source: YouTube/Mohammed Abdul Khaja

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