What is it like to ‘Be’ Salman Khan? The superstar reveals his innermost thoughts


You can love, you can hate him, but you cannot ignore him; this sentence perfectly describes Salman Khan. The superstar has an immense following, but even the haters’ brigade seems to grow by the day. His films break all records, yet his performances get judged by all and sundry.

And then there is his personal life almost always ends up making headlines. Be it his relationships or the never ending court cases, trouble seems to find the star. But, what are Salman’s innermost thoughts about these things, what makes him do that those acts of greater good despite knowing that he will still be harshly judged about it.

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In an explosive interview with a leading daily, Salman spoke about the scrutiny, the constant judgement and how it affects him.

Here are a few excerpts from the interview

“People see me romancing heroines, they see me horsing around on TV reality shows even though I might have a court appearance the next day, I’m attending parties, spotted entering or leaving the airport, celebrating a film’s release, they think I’m chilled out. But all this is my job. And I have to do it no matter how messed up I am in the head. The truth is, I’m in an agitated space. A court appearance affects my whole family. But it’s like a sword over my head. It keeps me in check. Under control. If I didn’t have it, I would have taken off! The positive side is that there’s an awareness because of me. That drinking and driving is not cool. People think, ‘If it could land Salman Khan in jail, what are we?”

He added , “That doesn’t mean I look forward to a court date. But it’s a blast for the media. I believe four or five days go into planning stories. How do you send the TRPs up? By making capsules on all my wrongdoings! Anytime there’s an accident involving a celebrity, I’m dragged out and showcased all over again. There are days when I don’t want to leave the house. But I need to go out and work because a lot of people earn their living off me. It helps that I enjoy my work.”

Well, that’s quite an insight into Salman’s life!