Watch: The glue that bound the entire cast and crew of Notebook together in this adorable BTS video

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Giving a brimful of cuteness, innocence, and bliss from the sets of Notebook, the makers provided an insight into the unbreakable bond that has bound the entire cast and crew together, between the kids and the entire team.

Making their debut with Zaheer Iqbal and Pranutan in the film, the six kids are already shining brights with their liveliness and endearing quirks on the sets. Singing, dancing, mimicking to playing pranks, the kids made Zaheer, Pranutan as well as director Nitin Kakkar relive their childhood with them.

Amusing and delightful shots from Notebook could be the perfect dose of laughter for the day. The cuteness and innocence of the kids are a treat to watch. The team is seen getting really well with their games and pranks to keep the sets full of energy and bliss.

Notebook has been shot in the exquisite valleys of Kashmir, bringing the authentic love story of two lovers Firdaus and Kabir, along with a strong supporting cast of child artistes, who play a vital role in the film. Helmed by National Award winning Director Nitin Kakkar, Notebook is presented by Salman Khan Films and is a Cine1 Studios Production. It’s produced by Salma Khan, Murad Khetani, and Ashwin Varde, and is set to hit the screens on 29th March 2019.

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