Watch: Baahubali stunt by Kerala youth goes horribly wrong


Baahubali 2 sold more tickets than any film in the history of Indian cinema, which means that loads of people flocked to the theaters to watch it. And the more people watch a movie, the more fans it accumulates, which would also explain why the Baahubali series has so many diehard aficionados, many of which have gone to unbelievable lengths to show their love for the films and its characters.

However, there’s only so much you should do in your appreciation as a fan before things get too far, as is the case with a youth form Kerala who recently went overboard in his quest to emulate a famous Baahubali stunt. The said youth tried recreating Prabhas’ renowned scene, where he leaps upon an elephant’s trunk before jumping on its back. And the guy tried doing it on an actual full-grown elephant.

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Now we all know that the gigantic CGI-created creature had no issues with Prabhas walking all over it. The real elephant in question though didn’t take too kindly to the youth’s endeavor, and flung him a distance away with one effortless swipe of its trunk. Thankfully, the youth escaped with only minor injuries.

Watch the video below:


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Like what…even after offering the elephant a bunch of bananas and kissing him on the trunk, the young chap was still swatted away like a fly by the beast! Well, we hope he learns his lesson before trying to act a hero with wild creatures the next time.

Image and Video Sources: Arka and YouTube/Vivi's Creation