Versatile actor Rajpal Yadav on about the joy he shares with is daughters and how he is celebrating Father’s Day


On celebrating Father’s Day, “I am going to celebrate Father’s Day by going out with my kids and spending time with them. But all 365 days in a year feels like Father’s Day to me as my 3 daughters Jyoti, Harshita and Rehanshi make me feel special in my life each and every day. So the same joy we share every day not particularly on Father’s Day.

As a father it is very important to maintain balance between work and giving time to kids for that inner strength is required as well as you need to be very systematic.

Asa father it is also very important to spend quality time with children as you get strength from them as well as you impart strength in them and you share joy . I hope each and every child gets that warmth of father and feel his shade of comfort.

As Prime minister manages the whole country same way a father always manages brings out the best to make his family happy. Every father should raise their kid in such a way that they contribute towards the betterment of the society. This is the only gift a father wants. I wish each and every father who work hard for their family a happy Father’s Day ! ” he apprised.

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