Veerey Di Wedding given ‘A’ rating after censor board fumes at film’s profanities


The censor board has again displayed its gender bias by spewing vitriol and driving an extremely hard bargain during the certification of Veerey Di Wedding. The Kareena Kapoor Khan-Sonam Kapoor Ahuja starrer has been given an ‘A’ rating (understandable) and has barely escaped with zero cuts for its cuss words, adult humor, and profane scenes on account of the smart arguments and shrewd strategies Anil Kapoor and Jeetendra used to counter every objection thrown at them by the CBFC members. Both Anil and Jeetendra represented their daughters Sonam and Ekta Kapoor who serve as co-producers of the chick flick.

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A source reveals that a couple of censor board members went as far as offensively remarking that the ladies in the film are behaving like ‘drunk fisherwoman’, to which Anil and Jeetuji had to maintain their cool and debate logically for the sake of their daughter’s efforts. Besides, the colorful language and wicked humor, two scenes that the CBFC wanted to do away with in particular concerned the four actresses discussing orgasms and one using a vibrator.

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The message by the CBFC is loud and clear. If our actors indulge in any number of innuendos, sexual humor, and suggestive scenes in films like the Masti or Kya Kool Hai Hum series, then it’s all permissible under the moniker of an adult comedy. (Those films, too, received a lot of cuts, but they were mostly for the swear words and nothing else.) But, God forbid if the same courtesy is extended to our actresses.

Truth be told, it’s unfathomable why any adult film should receive a cut for anything other than depicting something that’s malignant to society at large. What’s the point of an ‘A’ certificate, if adults can’t decide what they choose to see and how to grasp such things maturely? Regardless of how the Veerey Di Wedding turns out or how it’s received, it’s heartening to know that two veterans like Anil Kapoor and Jeetendra stood their ground, and prevented the CBFC from getting their snip-happy ways even once.

Image Source: Balaji