Varun Dhawan, Saif Ali Khan and Karan Johar’s sly digs on Kangana prove that she was right all along


Earlier this year, Kangana Ranaut shot for an episode of Koffee with Karan with her Rangoon co-star, Saif Ali Khan, and raised a storm when she referred to Karan Johar as the ‘Flagbearer of Nepotism’. Interestingly, during the show, both Karan and Saif looked dumbfounded and didn’t offer much of a debate.

However, after the show was aired, Karan Johar went on various platforms to clarify his stand and even asked Kangana to stop playing the ‘woman card’. However, the debate was clearly not about a ‘woman’ playing her ‘card’, and the N word spread as fast as a ‘Nuclear reaction’ and entire Bollywood was pulled into the debate, and on each and every platform, every representative was asked for the views on it. Six months down the line, everyone from Bollywood has shared their two cents about the issue, and most actors now cringe at the mention of Nepotism, clearly indicating that the topic should be done away with.

Which is why, it was truly surprising that Varun, Saif and Karan decided to crack jokes on the subject, and that too at a time, when Kangana was not present. Here’s what exactly transpired –

Varun Dhawan went up on stage to receive the award for Best actor in comic role for Dishoom, Saif tried to be funny by saying, ‘You are here because of your papa’, to which Varun responded, ‘And you’re here because of your mummy.’ And then Karan joined in by saying, ‘I am here because of my papa.’

And then the trio concluded their joke by saying

And wait, if you think they were done, you are wrong. Leaving no room for any speculation, Varun then went on to say, ‘There was a song in your film… ‘Bole choodiyan, bole Kangana’ to which Karan responded, ‘Kangana naa hi bole toh achha hai… Kangana bahut bolti hai.’

While the Industry is trying really hard to justify its stand and trying to prove that equal and fair opportunities are offered, this seemingly funny exchange actually highlights how the Industry believes in singling out those who refuse to conform to their unsaid guidelines.

But having said that, at the end of the day, Nepotism Rocks!

Image Credits - Star World/Twitter/IIFA