Varun Dhawan helps Aditya Roy Kapoor tie his shoelaces on The Kapil Sharma Show


Majority of people think that actors have their own irritabilities. But a different perspective was witnessed in The Kapil Sharma Show aired on Sony Entertainment Television. The show popular for its comic timing never fails to give unlimited entertainment every weekend. The recent episode of the show will see the selfless friendship between Kalank artists Varun Dhawan and Aditya Roy Kapoor.

On the sets, when Varun was seen giving Sapna (Krushna Abhishek) a Kalank Massage, he ended up spoiling his own clothes. Varun had to change his clothes. Following the trend of wardrobe changes on the show, Aditya also wanted to change something from his attire. He decided to change his shoes. While he was in the midst of changing his shoes, Sonakshi joked – “while everyone thinks actresses have their nakhra’s see what actually happens”

In the meanwhile, Varun was quick to help Aditya and got down to tying the laces of his shoes. It was a complete nonchalant moment between the two boys and Aditya was seen patting Varun’s back.

A source close to the sets confirms, “Usually actors have their own fancies and are open about flaunting the same. But this wasn’t seen between Varun and Aditya. It was such a sweet gesture by Varun. The whole vibe between the four of them Alia Sonakshi Varun and Aditya was quite warm and friendly.”

While this was happening, being a good host, Kapil was seen asking the actors if they would like to have some coffee to which Alia was quick to respond saying she wants a super duper blockbuster hit movie!

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