Top Three Features of the Week 16th May to 21st May 2016


Exhilarating, insightful, amusing, glum, illuminating, emotional, cheerful, or moving all types of features were covered this month. Here are the top three features according to us, which you need to revisit.


Sarbjit A Heart-Breaking Story Told With Exquisite Finesse

Get the lowdown on this weeks Bollywood release, Sarbjit.

Why I need to revisit this: Because it gives a clear perspective of what to expect from the latest Aishwarya Rai Bachchan and Randeep Hooda-starrer.


The Leaked Trailer of this Banned Sunny Deol Film is Taking the Internet by Storm

Have fun with this expletive-ridden religion-subverting, hilarious trailer.

Why I need to revisit this: Because it offers a glimpse of what the Indian censors made us miss out on besides showing that Sunny Paaji isnt just about his dhai kilo ka haath.


Sonu Nigam Sang On A Busy Street For Hours And No One Noticed!

See how Sony Nigam entertained the public with his melodious voice while going completely unnoticed.

Why I need to revisit this: Because its a brilliant combination of some exceptional makeup and the singers vocal talents.

Images Courtesy: Pooja Entertainment, Crossword Entertainment Pvt. Ltd., and Being Indian

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