Top Male Performances Of Kollywood In The First Half Of 2017 January To June 2017

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With the first half of 2017 coming to an end, it’s the perfect opportunity for Kollywood fans to reminisce about the films and performances gone by. On the whole, it has been a good year for Tamil cinema, with many films garnering fond reviews and emerging a hit with the masses. And a substantial chunk of the credit for this needs to go to the actors who brought the Director’s vision and the script’s characters to life with confidence, conviction, and even a fair degree of charm. Given the volume of captivating performances till now, it was no small task to separate the best from the better.

After much pondering, we’ve come up with what we think are justifiably the top male performances of Kollywood in the first half of 2017.


1.) Vijay Sethupathi in Kavan

Image Source: AGS

For all intents and purposes, Kavan has hitherto been the Tamil film of the year, and in order translate his vision on screen, ace Director, K.V. Anand, needed an actor of Sethupathi’s ability to. The dexterity with which Sethupathi balances the film’s commercial elements, mass scenes, socio-political themes, and message-oriented moments, speaks volumes of what an exemplary actor he is.


2.) Thalapathy Vijay in Bairavaa

Image Source: Vijaya Productions

The film may have got mixed to negative reviews from the critics, but they were almost unanimous in their praise of Vijay’s performance, and it certainly connected with the masses as is evident by the film’s box-office receipts. It takes a special actor to shine above an average script, and Vijay displayed his true class in doing so.


3.) Jayam Ravi in Bogan

Image Source: Sri Green

Balancing the good-and-evil act with aplomb, Jayam Ravi walked a tight rope in Bogan with consummate ease, and blew us away with a multi-layered act.


4.) Jayam Ravi in Vanamagan

Image Source: Think Big

Mr. Jayam Ravi finds his name again on the list purely because that’s how good an actor he is. If he was picture perfect while alternating between good and evil shades in Bogan, then his performance as a naïve forest dweller coming to terms with the urban jungle is so affable that both the critics and audience fell in love with it from the get go.


5.) Arun Vijay in Kuttram 23

Image Source: Redhan

Arun’s acting chops were never in doubt, but after playing a string of supporting and villainous roles, it was a big test of his screen presence and aura to see if he could pull off the leading man act. Not only did he do so with style and poise, but also gave a hard-hitting performance that matched a hard-hitting film every step of the way.


6.) Vijay Antony in Yaman

Image Source: Lyca

Antony has certainly come of age as an actor, and his dual acts in Yaman were as intriguing and delicious as the film’s script.


7.) Rajkiran in Pa Paandi

Image Source: Wunderbar

After years of enthralling moviegoers by forever supporting the hero, Rajkiran, finally, got a chance to be at the center of a film, and the veteran actor nailed the part.






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