Top female performances of Kollywood in the first half of 2017 January to June 2017


Though the first half of 2017 was dominated by and large with hero-centric mass entertainer, Tamil cinemas leading ladies still shone through on the might of their talent and expertise. The first half of 2017 has seen some breathtaking performances by Kollywoods leading ladies, and since its our job to narrow the competition, we bring you to the best of our judgment the finest of them.


1.) Nayanthara in Dora

Sexy, sizzling, stylish, and full of swag Nayanthara was every bit the cool badass in Dora, and we just couldnt get enough of her.


2.) Regina Cassandra in Maanagaram

Delivering a performance that was years beyond her age or experience; Regina showed one and all that if giver her role where she can sink her teeth into, her intensity and conviction can match the best in the business.


3.) Revathi in Pa Paandi

The veteran actress proved why shes still one-of-the-best in the game, with a matured, sensitive, and multi-layered performace.


4.) Sshivada in Adhe Kangal

Sshivada was the surprise package of the year, portraying a tough, complex, multi-dimensional role with the ease of a heroine whos been doing it for the past twenty years.


5.) Madonna Sebastian in Kavan

Madonna may not have had as strong a part as the above ladies, but she reminded us just how much a skilled actress can bring to the table even in a commercial, hero-centric project. Of course, it always helps if youre being directed by K.V. Anand, whose heroines are known to be much more than merely attractive props just as his commercial entertainers always package beautiful, socially relevant topics.

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