Tiger Shroff’s Workout Routine And Diet Show Why He’s A Real-Life Tiger, Too

Bollywood Fitness

He fights fantastic, dances like elastic, and moves like plastic. We’re referring to Tiger Shroff, who, within a short span, has amassed a sizeable fan following, thanks largely to his supreme agility and martial arts skills, which he wantonly flaunts on screen, coupled with that drool-worthy physique. But what many tend to look past while admiring his chiseled anatomy and rubbery moves is the hours of toil, loads of discipline, and umpteen sacrifices that go into Tiger looking, dancing, and pulling off stunts like Tiger. It’s no mean feat, and the sheer focus, hard work, and training that the actor partakes in on a daily basis are enough to make anyone fear steeping into a gym.

So, let’s check out what all goes into building and maintaining Tiger Shroff’s abs, muscles, pecs, and shoulders, and, more importantly, performing those jaw-dropping action scenes and dance steps.


Workout Regime

An idolizer of Bruce Lee and Hrithik Roshan, Tiger has long aspired to fight like the former, and build a physique and dance like the latter, which has led him to religiously perform a routine that involves different sets of workouts concentrating on diverse parts of the body, seven days a week, along with a daily dose of extreme martial arts.

1.) Monday: Back exercises pull-ups, lateral machine pull-downs, and one-arm dumbbell rolls

2.) Tuesday: Chest exercises flat bench press, inclines bench press, dumbbell press, chest flyes

3.) Wednesday: Leg exercises squats, hamstring curls, step-ups, barbell thrusters, free squats

4.) Thursday: Arm exercises Olympic barbell curls, dumbbell curls, reverse curls, close grip barbell curls, press downs, skull crushers

5.) Friday: Shoulder exercises knee and shoulder press, military press, Lateral dumbbell raise, Lateral machine raise, rear flyes

6.) Saturday: Free-style dead lifts, squats, kneel and press, plyometric pushups

7.) Sunday: Abs exercises crunches, hanging reverse crunches, weight-loaded reverse crunches, standing and seated calf presses

8.) Daily martial arts: Kickboxing, Kwan Do, Wushu, Kalaripayatu, and Wing Chun spread over seven days of the week

9.) Weekly bouts of football and gymnastics


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A staunch advocate of meat and fish, Tiger’s diet includes copious protein-rich foods with some highly nutritious vegetables.

1.) Breakfast: Eight egg whites and oatmeal

2.) Pre-lunch snack: Dry fruits and whey shake

3.) Lunch: Brown rice, chicken, and boiled beggies

4.) Evening snack: Protein shake and fruit shake

5.) Dinner: Fish and broccoli


Prime Factors to Remain Fit like Tiger Shroff

1.) Strict diet

2.) No drinking or smoking

3.) Never skip a day of workout

4.) Always train under the guidance of a professional

5.) Sound sleep


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So, if you, too, wish to look as fit as Tiger and move as flexibly as he does, then make a note of the immense hard work and sacrifice that’ll go into achieving your goals.

Images Source: NGE and Eros






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