“This is a completely new and interesting space for me”: Jacqueline Fernandez on her OTT debut


Jacqueline Fernandez, the positive growth leader of the Industry has spread her wings of charm in the OTT space as well, with her most anticipated upcoming digital movie, Mrs. Serial Killer. The actress gives us interesting insights on working in the digital space.

When been appreciated as the first bankable actress to get into the digital space, Jacqueline shows her gratitude and shares, “That’s so sweet. It is very new territory for me, currently, I am working on Mrs. Serial Killer. It’s a digital platform. So it’s not something I am used to either. I am used to theatrical cinemas. But this is a completely new and interesting space for me. But what is cool about it is that the fact like it seemed to be the future as well. It also seems to be a new emerging platform for films and it doesn’t change anything about the fact as actors we are still making the film, work with very similar teams. Pretty much the team I am working with Serial Killer has similar faces I see. That because of Digital the reach has widened, be platform changes, but it also has let people watch our films. So much new content and talent is been discovered as well.”

This response by the actress is yet another proof that Jacqueline is the witty actress out there in the B – Town and has always been winning her fans’ hearts with her positivity appeal and charm.

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