These Rare Unseen Pictures Of Prabhas, Before Baahubali 2, Will Make Your Jaw Drop


Post the release of Baahubali 2 and its stupendous success, Director S.S. Rajamouli and the entire cast of the film have become household names throughout India a feat no regional film has hitherto achieved in the country. But, if there’s one individual who’s gained the most from the film record-breaking box-office performance and pan-India acclaim, then it’s got to be the man who played Baahubali himself Prabhas. And with the amount of painstaking efforts, dedication, and hard work applied by Rebel Star as he’s popularly known to his Telugu fans every bit of adulation coming his way is well-deserved.

To put things into perspective, we dug into the archives and got our hands on some rare and relatively obscure photos of Darling another moniker bestowed by his Tollywood fans that’ll leave you agape at his stunning anatomical transformation for the Baahubali film series. From slightly chubby to intimidatingly beefy and from charmingly cute to deliciously hot, Prabhas’ transformation is one of the most jaw-dropping and downright drool-worthy ones you’ll ever lay your eyes on in the annals of Indian cinema.


He was never shy to remove his shirt, but the chiseled bod came much later

Image Source: Sri Venkateswara


And so did the concept of a waxed torso

Image Source: Sri Venkateswara


He was always cute, but who would’ve thought that he’d turn into a total hottie years later

Image Source: Sumanth Arts


The boyish good looks have turned into raw machismo

Image Source: Gitachitra


While the shy demeanor has now metamorphosed into intoxicating confidence

Image Source: Sri Venkateswara


He may have been oblivious about his own sex-appeal at one point of time

Image Source: Gitachitra


But what has remained same from then till now is his innate, alluring, naturally aggressive streak

Image Source: Sri Venkateswara


And his talent, coupled with years of toil and untold sacrifices, eventually resulted into the hottest of transformations seen on screen

Image Source: Arka


Looks like those years of grueling regimens and stringent diets paid off in more ways than one.

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