“There’s a thin line between bullying and constructive criticism”: Ananya Panday


Recently, Ananya Pandey launched her Digital social responsibility initiative ‘So Positive’ on the occasion of Social Media Day which took the internet by storm. In her recent interview, Pandey shared her views on social media bullying wherein she questions the irresponsibility of people across the internet pouring their hatred only because they can!

Ananya shared, “There’s a thin line between bullying and constructive criticism. If you’re telling me that I am a bad dancer, I’ll still take it, and I will work on it. But if you spread unnecessary hatred and say things like oh, you have a body of a 14-year-old boy, then you don’t realize the kind of impact it has on someone you’re subjecting this hatred to while you move on with your own lives!”.

So Positive is a social media platform which intends to fight social media bullying and provides a voice to those who are going through it, or have been through it. According to Ananya, “It intends to create a community which will be there to stand against bullies and support people who are going through it.” With this initiative, she intends to bring psychologists and plans on visiting various schools and initiatives to spread awareness about the same.

So Positive is an original cause taken up by Ananya which is backed with substantial data, research, and behavioural statistics. The initiative aims at creating and spreading awareness about social media bullying. The initiative’s prime focus is to make people aware of the fact that this issue exists and stays very prevalent in society. Also, the steps that can be taken by the recipients of this destructive criticism in order to deal with this.

The platform would create engagement to inform the broader public about the existing actions to emerge out of the issue. Ananya’s initiative is centered around extending support and providing guidance to people to collaborate with helpful entities such as government and lawyers, to name a few.

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