The truth behind the fashion police gunning for Janhvi Kapoor after her recent magazine photoshoot

Bollywood Fashion Opinion Piece

Janhvi Kapoor is the latest Bollywood celeb to come under flak for her choice of attire. Firstly, we really don’t pay much heed to the so-called fashion police out there because a.) They really need to find a more productive outlet to concentrate their energies toward, and b.) Even if someone outfit looks inspired or is even a carbon-copy of someone else’s, what’s the big deal? How does it make the world more problematic and why does it warrant such a hue and cry? God knows how many times we wish to wear something just because we saw it on someone else?

But, why we’re choosing to write about these so-called Fashion Nazis targeting Janhvi this time around, in particular, is because of how they’ve jumped the gun without even researching their facts.

Firstly, it was a shoot for Cosmo India magazine, and as such, the onus lied with the stylist and designer contracted by the magazine to choose the outfit. Secondly, is Janhvi, who’s only being paid to model the outfit, and/or her entourage expected to scrutinize everything handed over to her with a fine comb. Wouldn’t any of us in her place trust the product of the magazine’s stylist and designer, especially when it looks so darn good?

All said and done, even said outfit worn by Janhvi Kapoor is inspired from a foreign fashion show, and even if the stylist and designer of said magazine decided to make their life easier, we, again, don’t see what the big deal is all about?

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