The Trailer Of Aamir Khan’s Dangal Is Everything You Could Wish For As A Movie-Buff


From the moment Aamir Khan’s Dangal was announced, there’s been palpable anticipation among fans considering how selective Aamir is in choosing his film, and also because it’s based on the extraordinary true story of wrestler Mahavir Singh Phogat and his two daughters,  Geeta and Babita. Then the early reports of the film started streaming in, and the expectation among fans was driven even higher. Well, the trailer of Dangal is finally here, and we must admit first hand that it not only meets our lofty expectations, but raises the bar even higher for the film to one of the best ever in Indian cinema.

Packing a range of emotions, including a father’s belief in his daughters and their focus for national glory against all odds both physical and societal the trailer inspires you, stimulates you, fills your heart with pride, and makes you wish that the film could release tomorrow itself. From the authentic wrestling shots to the training scenarios to the accent and the performances it appears that Dangal has got everything spot on.

Watch the trailer below:

We’re willing to bet that Dangal becomes the most-critically acclaimed and commercially successful film of 2016.

Image Source: Disney India

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