The release date and poster of 'Yeh Hai India' is out


Yeh Hai India, a patriotic movie starring Gavie Chahal, Deana Uppal, Mohan Agashe and Mohan Joshi is soon coming to your nearest cinemas. The movie is produced under the banner of DLB films Pvt. Ltd. and produced by Lomharsh.

The first poster of the movie was released on 19th June 2017 by General VK Singh at a private function, where the movie was also screened. The movie is about the story of a 26 year old NRI who comes to India with stereotypical views about the country and with time, his perception begins to change.

The movie was also screened at Cannes Film festival this year and it garnered a lot of appreciation. ‘Yeh Hai India’ releases on 4th August, 2017. 

Image Credits: DLB Films