The Possession of Hannah Grace review: Derivative but diabolically delightful

Bollywood Review

Short, simple, straightforward, but effectively scary — The Possession of Hannah Grace offers further proof that regardless how many times an idea or basic premise is repeated, it can still work, provided the writer and Director have the vision and conviction to juice the narrative into something different, interesting, exciting, and most importantly, entertaining. On that note, Hannah Grace may not boast a novel plot, but boy does its presentation scare you shitless.

The lighting engulfs you in a sense of eerie uneasiness, the camerawork keeps you tense, the direction sends chills down your spine, the editing leaves you on constant edge, and after long, the jump scares in a Hollywood ghost story really make you jump.

However, perhaps the most unique aspect of the film is how the scripting makes the demonic presence operate like a serial killer, stalking its prey one by one, rather than appear as just another supernatural element. Please ignore the Rotten Tomatoes and IMDb scores for this one, and watch it in a theater without fail.

Movified Rating: 4/5

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