“The most difficult phase to portray was when Sanjay Dutt struggled with his drug addiction”: Ranbir Kapoor


The Dutt biopic teaser titled Sanju has finally been release, and stating that it has blown every expectation out of the sky would be a huge understatement. The teaser takes your breath away, leaves you filled with curiosity about the myriad chapters of Sanjay Dutt’s colorful life, and is certain to give you goosebumps, especially if you’re a Baba fan. Watch it below, in case you haven’t till now:


Unbelievable, right? And as good as Abhijat Joshi’s script and Rajkumar Hirani (Munna Bhai franchise, 2 Idiots, PK) direction might be to have brought this eventful life story to screen, it couldn’t have been accomplished without that enamoring metamorphosis by Ranbir Kapoor, where he looks every bit like Sanju at various stages of the senior actor’s life. Now, achieving that transformation, and pulling off various stages of Sanjay’s life convincingly would be as far from a cakewalk as anything, particularly since the real-life character Ranbir was portraying is very much in the public eye to date.

Considering all this, we wondered what would have been the most-difficult phase of Sanjay’s life to enact on screen, and were fortunate enough to quiz Ranbir about it during the trailer launch of the film. Well, he had no hesitation in replying that it was Sanjay’s young self, when he was hooked onto drugs and had lost his mother, that was extremely tough to get into mentally, which was also quite surprising for Ranbir since he hadn’t thought it would be before taking on the character. Conversely, the Munna Bhai phase was the easiest and most-fun part to portray.

“The most difficult phase to portray was surprisingly that of the young Sanjay Dutt, when he struggled with his drug addiction, the passing away of his mother, and everything else during that time. The Munna Bhai phase was the most-fun and easiest part to portray.”

Well, difficult or not, we’re quite certain that Ranbir has nailed each and every phase of Sanjay’s life. Going by what we’ve seen in the teaser.

Coming to the ace Director of the film and Sanju’s close friend, Rajkumar Hirani, it wasn’t surprising to hear him speak about feeling the pressure of the box-office after delivering three blockbusters in a row, out of which his last two films ended up being the industry’s highest lifetime grossers at their time of release. Considering that he was making a biopic this time, and didn’t have a fictitious story to mold to his liking, the pressure was double to deliver a film true to its charismatically polarizing real-life character while also keeping his quintessential entertaining and enlightening themes for the entire family intact.

“The box-office pressure is obviously there. It’s always there, but this time more than ever. Making a biopic is a different monster altogether. And making one on a personality everybody is well aware of plus someone who’s so visible in the public eye is all the more difficult. You have to remain true to the character and we’ve made sure that nothing in the film is fictionalized, just a few elements have been dramatized for cinematic effect. At the same time, we had to balance the film to make it accessible and entertaining for the entire family, where if a youngster sees it on Friday, he or she will want to take their parents with them to watch it again on Saturday. At the end of the day, box-office pressure will always be there, and expectations obviously rise when your last films have done will. But you also have to remain true to your film and make the best movie that you believe in.”

Adding to this, writer Abhijat Joshi succinctly commented how Sanju, with all its real-world trapping and biopic leaning, still has the three ‘Es’ that are archetypal of and Hirani film – “entertainment, enlightenment, and elevation”.

Going by what we’ve seen in the Sanju teaser, we’re willing to bet that Hirani has again made a film that’s high on those three Es while also delivering, what’s possibly his most-intense work yet. We don’t know about you, but we for one can’t wait to see the entire film now, leave alone the trailer that’s due next.

Image and Video Source: VCF