The Lift Boy movie review: Simplicity done effectively

Bollywood Review

Writer-Director Jonathan Augustin’s Hinglish film, The Lift Boy, is one of the most naturally portrayed and organically felt coming-of-age dramas to emerge from Indian cinema in a long time, full of warmth, maturity, simplicity, laidback humor, and sentiments just done right.

Revolving around an impoverished 20-something aimless youth, stuck in the wrong field of education, but has been lucky to receive better opportunities and nurturing on account if that very education; the film throws up some wonderful questions with heartwarming solutions, without once beating things down our throats — qualities of Augustin that become all the more prominent once the plot compels our young hero to substitute for some time in place of his gravely ill father as the lift operator of a posh Mumbai building, bringing him face-to-face with the building’s owner, who begins doubling as his mentor.

Centered on four engaging principal characters, and anchored by two effective central performances courtesy Moin Khan and Nyla Masood, The Lift Boy keeps you genuinely interested in the journey of its protagonists, and leaves you feeling more appreciative about life’s little things along the way. A fine example in being simple yet very effective.

Movified Rating: 3.5/5 stars

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