The Leaked Trailer Of This Banned Sunny Deol Film Is Taking The Internet By Storm


A years ago, a Sunny Deol film titled Mohalla Assi, which was slated to hit theaters, never got to see the light of day. The reason: Our moral custodians of cinema, the censor board.

However, the trailer of the film did find its way onto the internet and has since been circulating like wildfire across all quarters of the web. The clip is full of expletives spewed by the film’s cast, which also includes noted actors like Sakshi Tanwar, Ravi Kishan, Saurabh Shukla, Rajendra Gupta, and Mukesh Tiwari. All the swearing coupled with the sex against the backdrop of the holy city off Banaras had probably got the censor board committee’s panties in a twist.

Besides being replete with choice words that could leave prudish souls with brain trauma, the clip clearly shows that the movie could have turned out to be a fun film full of brilliant satire. Pity, the audience was robbed of the experience.

A bit of caution before watching the trailer: Ensure that your headphones are plugged in.


Image and Video Courtesy: Crossword Entertainment Pvt. Ltd.

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