The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir review: Feel-good Bollywood-Hollywood mashup

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Hollywood/British filmmakers attempting a Bollywood or South (given that Dhanush is the leading man here) styled film against a backdrop of westernized storytelling has seldom worked both locally or overseas.

However, The Extraordinary Journey of the Fakir proves to be the rare exception on account of how Director Ken Scott (in this case, a Canadian filmmaker) remains true to both schools, without being overtly conscious of the union, choosing to focus instead on a fun ride with charming little life lessons strewn along the way.

It also pays that he’s gifted a lead protagonist who can melt seamlessly in any role despite being a big mainstream star back home, and thankfully, doesn’t get overawed by the occasion of his first international project. The lending hand of a game international supporting cast, including a few experienced performers like Ben Miller, Oscar nominee Barkhad Abidi, Erin Moriarty, and Berenice Bejo also pays rich dividends.

That’s not to say though that Fakir is near perfect or even immensely enjoyable. While the first half moves along with negligible bumps, trafiic gets a tad heavy post interval, with more than a few plot contrivances and narrative absurdities clogging the flow.

Fakir is not a thoroughly entertaining film. What it is though is fun, breezy 90-minute ride, with Dhanush making up for some flaws that crop up along the way.

Movified Rating: 3/5

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