The Dora Teaser Feat Nayanthara Is Bone-Chilling, Eerie, And Full Of Mystery


It’s not for nothing that Nayanthara is called Lady Superstar. As we all know by now, Nayanthara is all set to appear in her first solo horror film, Dora, which is riding completely on her stardom alone, and from the looks of the teaser that has been released, she certainly needs no male superstar assisting her. From her each expression to her range of emotions, Lady Superstar’s vulnerability, fight for survival, trepidation, and courage are all brought to the fore with utmost ease and conviction. And she does so without once compromising on her swag or starry aura

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The plot of Dora itself looks to be seeped in mystery, with an overall eerie atmosphere and myriad bone-chilling moments. Stranded on a desolate highway, with her car broken down, an evil enchantment being muttered elsewhere; Nayanthara has all the odds stacked against her.

Watch the teaser below:

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Dora is being helmed by Doss Ramasamy and produced by Sarkunam Cinemas. Thambi Ramaiah, Hairsh Uthaman, Shan, and Tharun Kshatriya make up the supporting cast.

Image and Video Source: Sarkunam Cinemas

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