The curious case of the accidental one-rupee note


As The Accidental Prime Minister continues to gain strong momentum at the box office, we stumbled upon a video showcasing an interesting story of an accidental one rupee note!

Considering the fun play of destiny, the video features a man informing about the one rupee note which was signed by the Reserve Bank of India in 1977 and issued by Dr Manmohan Singh, who was Finance Secretary then. The number depicted on the note being 070355 indicates 7th March, 1955 which happens to be the birthday of Anupam Kher.

“It’s surreal!” the actor informs, “After watching the video, I think I was destined to do The Accidental Prime Minister.”

“I’m really happy that the film has been receiving so well and also grateful to the audience for appreciating my performance,” he adds.

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