“The biggest asset in any company is its talent”: Rajiv Bakshi, CEO, Reliance Entertainment’s Big Synergy


Rajiv Bakshi, CEO, Reliance Entertainment’s Big Synergy addressed the first ever HR summit focusing on Indian media and entertainment industry. The event, Media HR Summit was powered by Indian Television and the session on ‘Responding to Megatrends’ witnessed Rajiv Bakshi sharing his insights with the gathering at the panel discussion.

With the Indian media industry undergoing a massive transformation, HR has to play a dominant role in anticipating the imminent changes and prepare the organisation for such scenarios.

Creating a “value proposition” that appeals to multiple generations within the same company is perhaps the most formidable challenge. Having spent close to two decades in the media and entertainment industry, Bakshi highlighted the need to create and retain diversity in the company. It’s critical to align business objectives with HR strategy to succeed in the marketplace, he added.

To manage the aspirations of Generation Z, companies need to create an analytics-driven personalisation strategy and perhaps group employees from the mindset and aspirations point of view and not limit them by their immediate departments. If you’re wondering what is it that the industry’s leaders feel about creating the opportunities for employees to flourish, you have to hear what Bakshi has to share.

“We require a bit of mindset change. Every company will lose talent, and the best response should be to decipher the reason and respect the employee’s decision, while at the same time refresh the program or strategy to attract back the same talent.”

Truly, the leaders are the ones who take the company along and Bakshi proves it with this session.

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