Telugu cinema’s biggest flops of 2017: January to July

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It’s been an amazing year till now for Telugu cinema, and not just because of the monstrous success of Baahubali 2. A huge chunk of films released this year have recovered money at the box-office. The success ratio has been close to 50% – a feat that most producers and distributors would want to trap in time and hope to repeat every year onward. Encouragingly, films that haven’t been clean hits, have still managed to deliver above-average business or, at least, break even.

Films starring major stars like Guru (Venkatesh), Om Namo Venkateshaya (Nagarjuna) , Khaidi No. 150 (Chiranjeevi), Gautamiputra Satakarni (Nandamuri Balakrishna), and DJ (Allu Arjun) did fabulous business, laying credence to the tradition that Telugu moviegoers will flock to the theaters for star-driven vehicles, provided the content is even moderately enjoyable (many hit film featuring big stars didn’t sit well with critics this year). Nani continued his rapid rise as one of Tollywood’s most-bankable young stars and reliable performers with back-to-back commercial and critical successes courtesy Nenu Local and Ninnu Kori.

However, in spite of all its laurels, Tollywood couldn’t escape the inevitability of flops, and there were a fair share of them. Some were expected, some weren’t, others were utterly shocking, and there were also those that arrived and vanished in almost complete oblivion. Mister and Rogue were among the big disappointments of 2017 while there were other promising films, too, that flattered to deceive.

Still, all things considered, 2017 has been extremely favorable to Telugu cinema. A 46.67% fail ratio is something that the industry would have settled for at the start of the year without second thought, and that figure looks even better when compared against the sheer collection of the films falling under the success bracket.

Parameter Status
No. of FIlms 45
Below Average 2
Flops 11
Disasters 8
Flop Ratio (Below Average or Worse) 46.67%


Here are the biggest flops (films with ‘below average’, ‘average’ and ‘disaster’ verdicts) of Telugu cinema from the period of January to July 2017:

Film Verdict
Inkenti Nuvve Cheppu Flop
Padamati Sandhya Ragam London Lo Disaster
Ye Rojaithe Chusano Disaster
Headconstable Venkatramaiyya Below Average
Rogue Flop
Cinemhal Flop
Saranam Gacchami Flop
Chinni Asalu Naalo Regene Disaster
Mister Flop
Pisachi 2 Disaster
Iddhari Madhya 18 Disaster
Black Money Below Average
Babu Baga Busy Disaster
Tick Tock Flop
Fashion Designer S/O Ladies Tailor Flop
Pelli Ki Mundu Premakatha Flop
Kaadhali Flop
Avanthika Disaster
Raja Meru Keka Flop
Shamantakamani Disaster
Goutham Nanda Flop


With many upcoming films displaying the potential to fare well, the rest of 2017 looks unlikely to throw up too many more flops for Tollywood. Fingers crossed that the remainder of the year pans out as well, if not better, for Tollywood.

Image Sources: Leo Productions, Tanvi Films, and Swagath Gowda Productions

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