Tamil feature – 5 reasons to watch Thozha



With the summer heat in full fury, Thozha (Oopiri) might just be the ideal chill pill for viewers in Tamil Nadu and the two Telugu states. The two versions would be released in a combined 1600+ screens worldwide. There are quite a few reasons to experience this feel-good ‘Celebration of Life’ and we list out the top ones here:

1) Those who have seen the classic French original ‘The Intouchables’ would be eager to see how the tale has been adapted by director Vamshi for the South Indian audiences.

2) Spontaneous and natural Karthi is back to entertain his audience base, as a brash caretaker who has to handle a cool quadriplegic billionaire. The role seems to be right in Karthi’s comfort zone and trust him to keep it really interesting for the audience.

3) Glossy glam doll Tamannaah is another value addition to the film. Seeing her in short skirts is an extra enticing prospect for the guys. She has formed a great pair with Karthi on a couple of earlier occasions and Thozha may complete their hat-trick.

4) The handsome Telugu veteran Nagarjuna has acted in a Tamil film after quite a while, and he has even dubbed for his role. Though his character is immobile, ‘Nag’ has the face and the expressions to charm the audiences.

5) Composer Gopi Sunder’s songs are peppy, PS Vinod’s rich camera work has traversed many European locations and editor Praveen KL has already expressed happiness over how the final cut (153 mins) has turned out. Thozha promises to give a good audio-visual experience for the viewers,

Now lets see if the film works as expected by all. Good luck to the team.

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