Sushant Singh Rajput has the Perfect Response to Rajat Kapoor’s Needless Jibe


While Sushant Singh Rajput is basking in the success of his recent release, M.S. Dhoni: The Untold Story, (also read: Dhoni bipoic crosses 200 crore worldwide) and reveling in all the accolades his performance has been receiving (also read: 5 moments from the film we'll never forget), there are still those who can find some form of criticism about his role in the film. Well, it’s not possible to please everyone, and like they say, to each his own. Recently, actor Rajat Kapoor, who was last seen in Kapoor & Sons this year, took to Twitter to pass what could be construed as a needless jibe about Sushant in the role of Dhoni, especially considering that the remark had no bearing whatsoever on the actor’s performance.


Expectedly, fans of the actor and the movie, soon got incensed, and got on Rajat’s case, with some of the comments going way overboard.


However, Sushant came back with a response that was both classy and got the point across to Rajat.


Eventually, Rajat saw the film and praised SSR’s performance while also adding a side note on the actor’s fan-following, which has grown exponentially post the Dhoni biopic.


To which, Sushant modestly acknowledged that he doesn’t have many fans and also praised Rajat for his own performance in Kapoor & Sons.


All’s well that ends well, and kudos to both actors for handling it so maturely and gracefully. We wish that every Twitter argument could end this way rather than go down the mud-slinging path they usually end up on.

Image Source: Fox Star Studios