Supreme Court issues stay order on six cases pending against Salman Khan


If you’re among those who were wondering how Salman Khan got bail in the recent court proceedings in the blackbuck case, then this recent development is sure to get you pondering further on matters between Salman and the judiciary of the country. The Supreme Court has gone ahead and issued stay orders on all six cases pending against Salman, offering plenty of joy to the superstar and his multitude of fans.


Yes, there are six cases pending against the actor (even we didn’t know that) and all six have been stayed by the apex court of the country, including the current blackbuck case and the pending hearing on the complaint filed against him for comments against the Valmiki community. Next, the court will also hear if the FIR lodged against him in connection with the Valmiki case should be quashed. The hearing will take place on 23rd July 2018. This is truly a happy occasion for both Salman and his fans.

Image Source: Orion Pictures