Super 30 review: A good biopic made better by Hrithik Roshan’s brilliance

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Super 30 is motivational, inspirational, and emotional. The real-life story of a special human being is told with sincerity, honesty, and heart.

The hurried and uneven nature of the climax slightly subdues the uplifting mood of the film, while it’s far-fetched and over-dramatized flow takes away a bit from the brilliance of both the protagonists and their actual struggle.

However, that shouldn’t dampen the high of watching a mostly stirring biopic about an amazing character, enacted brilliantly by #HrithikRoshan in sensational form. Even his accent (a wee bit out of place) grows on you after the initial scenes as he goes about silencing all the naysayers who’d written off his performance from merely the trailer and knocking one emotional scene after another out of the park.

Nandish Sandhu and Aditya Srivastava are ideal foils to his dynamic portrayal. You wish there was more of Pankaj Tripathi though.

On the whole, Super 30 is a very good biopic that could’ve ended up with flying colors on the result board if not for that climax. It still manages to pass with distinction though, and that’s reason enough to enjoy the movie.

Movified Rating: 3.5

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