Sumeet Vyas on how he prepared for his character in ALT Balaji’s ‘The Verdict – State Vs Nanavati’


ALT Balaji’s next venture-‘The Verdict: State vs. Nanavati’ has been constantly in the news and for all the right reasons. This time critically acclaimed actor Sumeet Vyas is generating headlines for his role in the upcoming web series which is being produced by the one and only Ekta Kapoor. He will be seen playing a lawyer sketched directly on the renowed lawyer Ram Jeth Malani and to his fans much delight the actor has left no stone unturned to prepare for the same.

This will be the first time that Sumeet Vyas will be donning the robes of a lawyer. Since Ram Jeth Malani himself were unable to mentor him for the role because of his poor health, Sumeet took the reigns in his own hand. The actor belongs to a family of lawyers and judges, which helped him to practice for his role. He practiced extensively with his cousin on his dialogues to bring authenticity to his character.

On being asked how he prepared for the character he shared, “I began to hang out with my lawyer cousin who practices in Mumbai. I could grasp the basics by observing him and simply being in the company of a professional. It was educational for me. I was lucky to have such a great reference for my character within my family. I could learn the nuances more properly.”

Directed by Shashant Shah, the 10-episode series is based on the real-life incident of 1959 and follows the trial of naval officer KM Nanavati who shot three bullets from his revolver at a businessman and later confessed his crime to the police. Even after six decades the infamous story of K.M. Nanavati Vs. The state of Maharashtra is still one of the most sensational criminal cases in India and marks a landmark judgement in the history of India.

This series is based on the events which took place in 1959 Bombay when the city was basking in all its glory, shortly after India’s newfound and long-awaited Independence. The very essence of old Bombay has been captured and shown in the most beautiful and aesthetic way possible in this drama series. The old world charm, elegance, the ambience of the picturesque city in the 1950s and the remnants of a British Bombay have been held onto and presented in a very ornamental manner.

The series is being hailed as one of a kind and the hard-hitting case which remains one of the most critical and controversial criminal cases of our country till date adds to the content-driven platform which OTT is becoming with each new release.

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