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They say that a film is a Director’s baby, and right so. If the captain doesn’t steer the ship well, it becomes inconsequential how good the other features of the vessel are. Likewise, if a Director’s hand isn’t assured in his craft, it make no difference how good the screenplay, cinematography, editing, music, and acting may be. Speaking about acting, it’s often the actors who walk away with the most accolades when the film does well, while the writer, technicians, and especially the Director, quietly remain in the shadows.

However, there have been a few actors done the years who’ve straddled both facets of acting and direction, and even fewer among them have met with equal success in both fields. Sometimes, actors who couldn’t make it as actors, found their true calling in direction, like Rakesh Roshan and Sunhash Ghai; at other times, those who are successful actors, tried their hand at direction with subpar results, like Ajay Devgn and Hema Malini; but only a select few, and a very select few have tasted success both in front of and behind the camera. Let’s check them out below:

(Note: The list below only contains names from Bollywood)

(Note: The list below only contains names from Bollywood)

1.) Raj Kapoor

Source: RK Studios

When talking about successful actors, who also enjoyed great careers as Directors, Raj Kapoor saab is the first names that pops in your mind as both his performances and masterfully crafted films left a lasting impression not only among Indian audiences, but also the world over. Heck, his films are still played in countries like Russia to this day. He’s also the only one on the list who juggled both acting and direction – be it acting in his own films or that of others – right from the beginning of his career.

2.) Manoj Kumar

Source: Vishal Pictures

Another star who enjoyed a great innings as a Director was Manoj Kumar, who equally remembered for his roles in films like Who Kaun Thi and Gumnaanm as he is for his directorial efforts such as Upkaar, Shor, and Roti Kapda Aur Makaan.

3.) Dev Anand

Source: Navketan

While there’s no doubt about Dev saab’s class as an actor – he may well be the best actor on this list – newer generations usually snicker at his recent films because few among them have seen him at his peak behind the camera, churning out classics like Hare Rama Hare Krishna, Heera Panna, and Des Pardes.

4.) Feroz Khan

Source: Ultra

Feroz Khan, one-oof-the-most stylish actors of his da, brought all that inimitable style and verve of his to the entire canvas on screen when he turned Director, thus giving us a bunch of classics like Dharmatma, Qurbani, and Janbaaz.

5.) Aamir Khan

Source: Aamir Khan Productions

Aamir has hitherto directed a solitary film – Taare Zameen Par, but what a film it was. We can’t wait for his sophomore directorial.

So, whom among these is your favorite actor-Director?

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