Srk Starrer Fan’S Plot Is Finally Out In The Open


Shahrukh Khan will be seen playing a double role in the movie Fan after 18 years, Duplicate being the last film. SRK will play the superstar and the fan in this upcoming project. This is what we already knew till now. So what’s new?

With the film about two and a half months away from its release, the plot of the film has finally been revealed. And YRF has told us the most intriguing story that will leave us on the edge of our seats and wanting for more by the end of it.

This thriller will tell the story of a fan Gaurav, somewhere in his 20s, travelling from Delhi to Mumbai to meet his idol, the superstar Aryan, on the day of his birthday. This will supposedly be the opening scene in the movie with over 700 people greeting their favourite hero on his birthday. However, things don’t go as expected by Gaurav and his love and passion for Aryan becomes some kind of a dangerous obsession. During the course of the movie, Gaurav and Aryan discover new aspects of their personalities which they didn’t even know existed. 

According to YRF we will be ‘left wondering who to sympathize with and whom to root for. After all, superstars are also human beings but each one of us is also a FAN.’

After knowing this, the only thing on our mind is – Will 15th April come already!

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