Sohum’s on screen son has had a double role in Tumbbad


Sohum Shah’s recently released Tumbbad has been gaining fantastica reviews by audiences as well as the industry folks. The film is being tagged as something that we have never witnessed before! What’s news is that the film has intact a hidden double role that has been played by Sohum’s onscreen son Pandurang. The kid has played the role of Sohum’s son as well as the scary grandmother that we have witnessed in the film which appears in the first half of the film. This news may come as a sheer surprise to all the viewers who have seen the film. Samadh, who plays Pandurang effortlessly has also lived the character of the spooky grandmother in the film. Samadh was so good as Pandurang that when the makers were thinking who to cast for the grandmother’s part, his name clciked immediately. He had to undergo hours and hours of prosthetics to be able to play the granny’s part. And because of the make up and his diverse performance no one has been able to catch that its infact a double role! The film has been a labour of hardship of as many as 7 years for Sohum. The actor has been extensively spoken about for his impactful and unique performance.

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