Skyfire review: Indian sci-fi for the small screen finally takes off

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An intriguing plot, fueled by compelling performances, taut direction, and an underlying sense of foreboding that permeates the entire narrative propels Skyfire — India’s first sci-fi web series — into the realm of binge-worthy Indian OTT shows that have hooked indigenous viewers of late.

Moreover, the Soumik Sen-directed show also lends a sense of respectability to the genre that has hitherto been populated on the small screen by the likes of Captain Vyom, Shaktimaan, Indradhanush, and Aryamaan — Brahmaand Ka Yodha. Because, let’s face it, for all their nostalgic charm and noble intentions, they really offer anything to write home about.

Based on the book by Aroon Raman, the storyline follows a journalist, cop, politician, and historian as they try to unravel the reason behind a sudden spate of random and unrelated natural catastrophies along with their connection to a rise in missing kids from slum areas. Sen has a good grip over his craft for most parts, barring some instances where the flow gets bumpy and a few plot points that occur on the back of flimsy narrative arcs. Thankfully, both the direction and screenplay evens out as the series moves on, with the last three episodes being the best of the lot.

Among the cast, Jisshu Sengupta and Aninditw Bose stand out, Pratrik Babbar does puts in a decent effort, while Sonal Chauhan, Jatin Goswami, and the rest are par for the course. The editing is crisp and sharp, keeping us engaged most of the time while the cinematography, though not the slick stuff needed to apply the veneer on such a product, is serviceable enough. However, the production values leave a bit to be desires.

All said and done, despite a few technical faults and narrative flaws, Skyfire holds well for the entirety of its eight episodes, and is sure to entertain viewers looking for a well-made OTT show from the homeland. It’s also telling how ZEE5 is regularly dishing out quality content at a much lower rate to some of its competitors. Zero KMS, Table No. 5, Karenjit Kaur, Rangbaaz, Abhay, The Final Call, Parchhayee, and now, Skyfire not only enables the digital platform to rub shoulders with their more exorbitant counterparts, but also expands its reach to the pockets of a wider demographic of local audiences.

Movified Rating: 3.5/5

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