Sivakarthikeyan’s Wife’s Photos With Hubby Dearest Prove That He’s A Diehard Romantic At Heart


If you’ve ever wondered how Sivakarthikeyan manages to emote romance so convincingly on screen, you need to look no further than how he is with his wife, Aarthi Doss. Sivakarthikeyan’s wife’s relationship with her darling hubby makes for an ideal portrait of a couple whose love and affection for one another transcends a picture, and this heartwarming collection of photos is proof of it.


Comfort Level from the start


And the love deepened as the years went by

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No unnecessary flair, just pure care


And a bit of mischief in between to spice it up


Remember when this magazine also thought that they’re a perfect match


And after being blessed with a daughter, the love and affection only grew stronger

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Simply made for each other

We’ll leave you with this adorable video of Sivakarthikeyan’s wife’s journey hitherto with her moviestar husband.


@Siva_Kartikeyan Happy 4th Wedding Aniversary, Siva & Aarthy! #sivakarthikeyan

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Images abd Video Source: Instagram/sivakarthikeyann

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