Single Song Not Yet Finalized For 2.O


Double Oscar-winning composer A.R Rahman has been working on the album of superstar Rajinikanth’s 2.o for nearly a year and yet hasn’t been able to impress its director Shankar with a single track. Speaking at the recently concluded Filmfare awards, Rahman said that despite working on multiple tracks so far for the album, Shankar hasn’t finalized one yet.

While admitting Shankar’s I was the easiest album he ever worked on, he has revealed that he’s having a tough time with 2.o, which is slated to release next year. Meanwhile, nearly half of the project has already been shot and the makers will resume shooting from the first week of July upon Rajinikanth’s return from US holiday.

2.o is being made on a lavish budget of INR 350 crore and it also stars Akshay Kumar.


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