Sibiraj Refuses To Kiss Hottie Remya Nambeesan; Here’s Why


Actor Sibiraj, who’s appeared in films like Jackson Durai, Naanayam, and Lee, recently sent the production unit of his upcoming film, Sathya, into a tizzy, when he refused to kiss his costar, Remya Nambeesan for a scene crucial to the script, which compelled his Director, Pradeep Krishnamoorthy, and the film’s writer, Adivi Sesh, to hastily change the script.

Sources close to the unit reveal that the said scene required Sibiraj and Remya to lock lips, and was intrinsic to the development of the plot. However, no amount of coaxing by Krishnamoorthy could change the actor’s mind, who refused to go through with the lip-lock, citing that it would embarrass and set a bad example for his son, who’d definitely be watching the film.

Besides the obvious option of simply explaining his professional demands to his son, the question also arises about why Sibiraj suddenly had an issue with the scene on the day of the shoot, if it had already been part of the script. Also, we don’t get how it could be a bad example, when kids are exposed to so much of violence, deception, and treachery in our movies. We’re not saying that such scenes should be avoided, especially if they’re essential to the script. It’s just that these factors could have a more harmful impact on an impressionable mind as opposed to something natural as kissing.

Eventually, it’s up to the parents to ensure that their kids differentiate make-believe from reality rather than shield them from things, which they can get access to from multiple other sources. Still, we have to respect Sabiraj’s wishes just as his Director and producers have.

Sathya is an official remake of the superhit Telugu film, Kshanam. Just as in the original, the film revolves around the kidnapping of a child, and the many twists and turns along the way as the mystery unfolds. It also stars Varalaxmi Sarathkumar in a pivotal role of a policewoman.

Image Sources: Sri Green and Martin Productions

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