Shazam movie review: Kids will love it; adults will reconnect with the kid within them

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DC brings its most fun superhero to the big screen with a blast, shredding its staple dark-brooding note as per the demands of the character. Shazam exists to entertain, and it does so with pure, unbridled joie-de-vivre.

The film is not without plot-holes or narrative unevenness, but it more than compensates from them with copious humor (the jokes, gags, and punchlines are just a step below the comedy gold standard of Deadpool 1 and 2 albeit in the PG mold), and, more importantly, plenty of heart.

Remaining faithful to the comics, the scale and proportion are smaller than most DC or Marvel products, but that’s a welcome sign if anything, and gels well with the simpler nature of the origin tale — an origin that perfectly captures the mixed emotions (confusion, uncertainty, jubilation) of a normal individual discovering superhuman abilities, which hasn’t been witnessed in any comic-book film since Sam Raimi ‘s 2002 Spider-Man. Plus, Zachary Levi brings wacky, goofy persona, traditionally associated with the titular character, to the table.

However, perhaps the best part about the movie is how it taps into the essence of why kids rever #superheroes while also serving as a reminder to adult comic-book fans of why they fell in love with these magnificent creations as children. There hasn’t been a superhero film aimed more at kids. Period!

Shazam has its flaws, no doubt, but they’re glossed over by a helluva lot fun that can be enjoyed by both adults and kids, making the grownups reconnect with the childlike wonder withing them.

Movified Rating: 3.75/5

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