Shahid Kapoor got his first ad in total ‘luck by chance’ style


Shahid Kapoor made his onscreen debut as a kid when he became the ‘Complan boy’ with Ayesha Takia. However, work opportunities didn’t fall into his lap when he was all set to get into the industry. Shahid recently shot for Vogue BFFs, the chat show on Colors Infinity, where he revealed how he landed his first audition. While many may think that being a star kid, people would have flocked at Shahid’s home to cast him, the actor had quite a ‘luck by chance’ moment.

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On the chat show, Shahid revealed, “I did a lot of auditions! The first audition that I did was actually a coincidence. Everybody knows about this! The first ad that I did was for a cola, and I actually was accompanying a friend of mine, who was a model and I had a new bike and he wanted a lift, so I gave him the lift! And they kind of found my face interesting, so they asked me to audition and I auditioned and I got it and my friend never spoke to me again!”

We wonder what the friend has to say about this incidence after all those years!