How Shah Rukh Khan’s dialogues in Raees can amp up your dimaag and daring


Y’all must be wondering how Shah Rukh Khan’s by now famous dialogues in Raees could y’all deal with the incessant nagging of your parents and teachers. After all, those are some extremely macho lines uttered by the character of a gangster while the biggest concerns of youngsters like y’all revolve either around homework, dating tips, internships, or cracking the next level of your videogames.

However, what if we were to tell y’all that those hard-hitting one-liners could be used more frequently by to respond to everyday situations than y’all could possibly imagine. And, considering their impact, we wouldn’t be surprised if they get y’all a few ‘get-out-of-jail’ free cards. Anyway, y’all don’t take our word for it, just scroll below and see for yourselves.

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See, how easily Raees’ dialogues could be used as common replies to get out of tricky situations. On a side note, we wouldn’t want to bear witness to the kind of spanking these replies could get y’all.

Images Source: Excel Entertainment