Shah Rukh, Kareena, and Akshay perfectly sum up our reactions to the new iPhone X


The iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and X (pronounced as 10) have just been launched and as is the case with any new Apple product, it has been met with a frenzy of excitement, adulation, joie de vivre, and also the usually marginal share of brickbats. From the moment they were launched, iPhone enthusiasts have gone into a tizzy orgasming over the features, and having wet dreams about when they’ll finally get their hands on the new models, while a section of Apple worshipers have also been left disappointed with a new feature of two.

So, for all those iPhone aficionados out there, we’ve got a bunch of famous Bollywood films stars to perfectly express what y’all must be feeling at the moment after getting a lowdown on all the latest features of the iPhone 8, 8 Plus, and 10. As for the rest of you who couldn’t care less if the next iPhone sends you to Mars, well, y’all could just sit back, relax, and get a kick out of seeing how iPhone devotees are possibly reacting right now.


1.) Dual-Lens Camera

Image Source: SLB

When iPhone fanatics hear that the rear camera has a 12MP dual lens, would you expect them to react in any other way.


2.) Face ID

Image Source: Dharma

And when they learn about the Face ID that replaces Touch ID, by unlocking the phone only when its user opens his/her eyes, it’s going to send them into overdrive with enthusiasm.


3.) Wireless Charging

Image Source: Ashtavinayak

As for the news about wireless charging couple with the soon-to-be launched AirPower, which will enable multiple Apple devices to be charged simultaneously; well, that’s almost be too hard to believe.

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4.) Animoji

Image Source: Venus

Then you have the Animoji feature, which not only allows you to send moving emojis to your friends, but also customize them with inbuilt facial recognition software. Now that’s certain to send every iPhone user – hardcore disciple or not – doing the mad jig like there’s no tomorrow.


5.) No Home Button

Image Source: Phantom

But with all the good, there’s got to be some drawback, which comes in the form of the absence of the traditional iPhone home button for its new models. Well, that’s surely going to take some time getting used to.