Seven moments from Secret Superstar that make it a gem of Indian cinema


Secret Superstar is all set for a grand Diwali release tomorrow, and the buzz surrounding the film is massive. The fact that Aamir Khan is returning to the big screen along with Zaira Wasim, who played his daughter in Dangal, has caught everyone’s attention. Plus, the trailer and theme of the movie has generated sufficient interest to make it one-of-the-most anticipated films of the year.

Fortunately, we got a chance to watch an advanced screening of Secret Superstar, and let’s just say that every expectation you must have had from the film needs to be raised by several notches because that’s good it is. But, besides being a film that simply can’t be missed, there are some standout moments in it, which elevate beyond just a must-see work of fiction this Diwali, and into the realm of an instant classic.

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Here are seven moments from Secret Superstar that make it a gem of Indian cinema:

(Note: Spoilers ahead; so don’t read further if you don’t want anything revealed about the movie.)


1.) Najma stealing money from her husband to take her kids to the movies and feed the ice-cream

Perennially oppressed and traumatized by her husband, Insia’s (Zaira Wasim) mother, Najma (Meher Vij), steals money from her husband’s wallet while he’s asleep so that she can take her kids out for a movie and some ice-cream. She’s compelled to do this as her husband feels it’s only the privilege of their son to enjoy the simple pleasures of life. The risk Najma takes in doing this, knowing completely well the beast her husband can suddenly transform into, fills your heart with pride for her.


2.) Insia’s father flogging her mother for buying their daughter a laptop

The ass-whopping that Insa’s father lays on her mom when he comes to know that his wife purchased their daughter a laptop by selling her gold chain (a chain given to her by her father, and that, too, only because her husband would never buy their daughter a tinker; not because he couldn’t afford it but because she’s a girl) tells you all you need to know about the situation in the home and the pathetic bully that Insia’s father is. Raj Arjun’s performance in this scene is so unnerving that you’ll literally loath his character.


3.) Insia’s first studio recording with music composer Shakti Kumar

The addition of Shakti Kumar to the film is a masterstroke as Aamir Khan seamlessly offsets the heightened emotions with impeccable comic timing that’ll leave you in splits, through an over-the-top character that only an actor of his caliber could pull off. Insia reminding him of his early days as a composer – when his passion for music trumped his need to appease the hipster generation and producers who don’t have a clue about true melody – is a scene that forms an inseparable bond between the two and reminds us the joys of watching wonderful moments on the big screen.


4.) Shakti Kumar taking Insia to his wife’s divorce lawyer

Despite going through ha bitter divorce, facilitated by a man-bashing female lawyer who represented his ex-wife, Shakti procures her help in arranging a separation between Insia’s parents. It’s a wonderful reminder of how to never judge a book by its cover – on the one hand we have Insia’s father; a model citizen in society, and on the other we have the womanizing, crass-talking Shakti. His wife’s lawyer righty tells Shakti at that point, ‘I’m so proud of you. You’re not as bad as you appear.”


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5.) Guddu repairing his sister Insia’s laptop

IN the aforementioned case of domestic abuse, Insia’s father coerces her to break her laptop if she wants him to stop thrashing her mother. Seeing this, her kid brother Guddu (Kabir Sajid) decides to join it together with basking tape. (His naivety and ignorance of how a laptop can be repaired is so adorable that you’ll be left beaming from ear to ear.) Unbeknownst of his intentions, Insia vents her frustration by scolding him when she sees him utilizing her tape and glue. The emotions that well up inside her when she learns of his true motive and the embrace she gives her brother after that will leave you choked.


6.) The guitar scene at the airport

Insia’s father orders his family to shift with him to Saudi, where he gets permanently posted and where he’s also deciding to soon marry off his daughter to his boss’ son, riding him of her burden and relegating her to a similar life of subjugation as her mother. Najma decides to take Insia’s guitar along as it’s the only possession that has any meaning to her daughter. When the check-in counter at the airport declares the number of items in the luggage to overshoot the stipulated amount by a solitary number, Insia’s father realizes that the guitar has been brought along and orders his daughter to dump it in the garbage bin, symbolic of how he’s snuffing out the final glimmer of life from her. That’s the last straw for Najma and she finally decided to retaliate before everyone present. The cataclysmic transformation that comes about in her makes your heart soar and pulses pound as she shows her husband his rightful place with one verbal volley after another, takes her children’s hands, and storms out of the airport into a future filled with uncurtaining but carrying the promise of freedom.


7.) Insia declaring to the world who’s the true ‘Secret Superstar’

Insia gets nominated for an award for her very first studio recording that was composed by Shakti Kumar earlier. The speech she gives on stage after receiving the award is all about telling the world how her mother rose above unspeakable adversity to be the real superstar in her life operating from the shadows. It’s a scene that’ll make you want to rush home and hug and kiss your own mother.


Who says that glorious whistle-worthy and clap-pounding moments are only meant for big, massy entertainers? Secret Superstar is filled with copious such moments, which will make you never want to stop clapping, whistling, and rooting for the underdogs. So do yourself a favor and experience one of Indian cinema’s instant classics – preferably with your mother – on the big screen this Diwali.

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